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Vipassana Meditation Centre, Cheriyanad, Kerala, India


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About the Centre Dhamma Ketana


Dhamma Ketana ( Sign of dhamma) is one of about 100 centers worldwide offering courses in Vipassana Meditation, taught by S.N. Goenka and his assistant teachers in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

The Centre is situated on a tranquil 5.2 acre land in Cheriyanad, a village near Chengannur town, in the south Indian State of Kerala. It is located in a very peaceful and rustic environment with almost no noise disturbances, pollution and few residences in the vicinity.  In spite of its apparent remoteness, the place is well connected by road and rail.







History:                                                                                                                                 Courses in Kerala started in 1993. Until September 2006   65 ten-days courses were conducted in rented sites. Over the years the demand for a proper centre grew. But only in May 2006 the land for the centre was identified after several years of search by Kerala Vipassana Samiti.

The existence of this abandoned home on the site made it possible for at least one-day courses to be started without delay. On August 15 , 2006 the first-ever 1-day course was conducted.

Before December 21st when the first 10-day course starts the centre must be ready to accommodate males and females in segregated parts. For which the following has to be constructed:

Bathrooms, a kitchen, dining hall, a separate house for the teacher, room for servers and a meditation hall.

The above mentioned facilities will enable the centre to accommodate approx. 17 males and 7 females so that regular courses can start without delay.

Over the next couple of years the following permanent buildings will be constructed: 


      Dhamma Hall for 100 meditators

      Segregated residential accommodation

      Dining hall

      Office block

      The master plan also includes a Pagoda for construction in future 

The compound consists of a flat ground of 3.1 acres and a low lying portion of 2.1 acres. The lowland has a coconut plantation and faces a vast expanse of rice paddy field. The 3.1 acres flatland has trees and coconut plantation.


The low-lying back portion of the compound. The 3.1 acres flatland has abundant freshwater in a well and 2 ponds. (The coconut trees are within the compound.)



Monsoon: from June to October                                                                                                  

Hottest months: March to May

Other months are temperate 21-35 degrees.


As the centre develops we will keep updating this page from time to time

If you have completed at least one 10-day course and wish to get information about activities in the centre you can subscribe in this newsgroup. Send any email to :